The Urban Sampler Quilt

EQ8 users can download “The Urban Sampler Quilt.PJ8” file here.
After you download the file move it to the “Projects” folder, within the “my EQ8” folder, where all your EQ8 project files are stored.

Once you have all your blocks set and colored-in play with the Randomize Color function. If you find a color combination you like, don’f forget to save the recolored quilts in the Sketchbook – you can later delete the ones you do not want to keep. Sometimes changing one color on a randomized color scheme can take that color combo to the next level. Experiment with substituting colors that appeal to you.

If you fancy a different layout or block distribution for your quilt please go for it… it’s your quilt after all!

Exporting an Image of your Quilt

Once you finalize your colors Export the Image, save as a JPEG file onto your computer, and post to Instagram using the #theurbansamplerquilt … I would love to see what you designed!

Happy to answer your questions, leave a comment below and I will get right on it.

(Copyright Diana Vandeyar. For personal use only)

6 thoughts on “Layout

  1. Hi Diana, I am brand spanking new to eq8. I downloaded your file and think I got it saved in my libraries but I don’t know how to access it in eq8. Can you advise? Thanks.


    1. Absolutely! Click the “Open Projects” icon (it looks like a manila file on top of a piece of paper), mine is set in the tool bar on the left of the screen – its the second one down. Or from the main Menu at the top, select “File”, “Open Projects”. This is where you will find all the project you create. If you do not see my .PJ8 file there, check that you have placed the file in the “My EQ8” folder, “Projects” folder on your computer. I hope this helps. If there is anything else that I can help you with let me know! Diana


      1. Oh my! Sorry to hear, hope you feeling better asap! Must say I am impressed by your retail therapy! But seriously, get well soon ❤ …


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