Block 4 – Quarter Circle

The Urban Sampler Quilt

Cutting Instructions

Unfinished block size: 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
There are 6 Quarter Circle blocks in this quilt.

These are the instruction for making one block.

Print the templates and join the pages accordingly. Check that the “L” template size is 8 1/2″. I have added an extra 1/8″ margin to the outside edge of the block so that I have a little extra fabric for trimming.
Stick 3 pieces of rolled up tape to the back of the template to hold it in place on the fabric. I cut the straight outside edges with a ruler placed over the template and free-hand cut the curve with a rotary blade (use a small diameter blade if you have one)
Finger press each section in half to determine the middle.
Beginning of sewing line: Align the straight edges so that they are level, then pin.
End of sewing line: Align the straight edges so that they are level. Pin.
Pin the middle, matching the finger pressed marks. Use as many pins as you need… no shame. Actually I use a few more than what the photo shows. Place your pin at right angles to the edge – within the seam allowance. Distribute the fabric evenly between the pins.
Note the needle position is one place to the right of middle.
With the top edges aligned take 3 stitches then stop with needle down. Remove first pin. Align curved edges as you work around the quarter circle. Stop with needle down, raise your sewing foot to release the fabric, as needed and re-align edge. Make sure edges are level and that there are no puckers. Use the knee-lift (if you have one) to raise your sewing foot. Work slowly if you are new to this technique. You will gain confidence and speed with every block you make.
Its easy to say don’t pull, don’t stretch, be careful with biased edges… but MY reality is that I do all those things to some extent.
Press seam open… or to the side if you prefer…
Here is a nifty trick… I use the right angle edge of my Teflon applique pressing mat/sheet as a square up tool (first just check that your pressing mat is actually square by laying a ruler on it). Quarter square blocks can be easily distorted when sewing and when pressing. I pin the opposing corners and gently coax the corner back to square with the iron. Use a light spray of water if needed.
Then I un-pin, rotate the block and do the opposite corner.
Align the 1/2″ mark to the arc and make sure the ruler sits within the block. Trim
Rotate block. Align the 8 1/2″ mark. Trim

Happy to answer your questions, leave a comment below and I will get right on it.

(Copyright Diana Vandeyar. For personal use only)

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